A win for Trump and a win for social media.

TRUMP - a win for social media.

Good morning. You're probably wakening up to some shocking news. It's not shocking for us at Beacon13. We predicted this a long time ago. Donald J Trump has used Twitter, Youtube and strategic digital content to become the 45th president of the United States. Like it or not this is a glorious win for social media and something all small businesses should take note of right now.

So how did he do it?

Twitter - Whilst Hilary was hiding behind the Avengers TV ads - Trump was tweeting around 10 times per day. His Twitter following makes Hilary Clinton's look like a Net Mums discussion group. Even if his tweet was racist or sexist - It lead to hours of free TV coverage. Figures put Trumps free marketing at around $3 billion.

YouTube - More subscribers, more channels, more videos. The numbers on digital video content for Trump vs Hilary are astonishing. Whilst Clinton had traditional TV and media sowed up... Trumps videos on line where getting shared on social media like a forest fire.

Facebook - Clinton has around 8million followers and Trump has almost 13million!! Trump spits out 3 posts for every 1 Clinton does. His content was more heavy on video (which gets viewed and shared up to 10 times as much as images and text. )

What can you do today in your business to start winning on social? 

There's never been a better time to be a small business owner. As the Clintons learned - their monstrous marketing budget was no match for a strong digital and social strategy. As a small business owner you should...

Get started today - Sounds silly, but if you have yet to get started on your website, Facebook page or social media channels - get started now. Regardless of what industry you're in, there's a channel for you. A good place to get started is on your own business website. This will act as the hub for your activities going forward.

Engage with a professional - Trump's professional digital marketeers followed him everywhere. They documented everything on video. Shared their content on social media, compiled (most) of his tweets and posts. These guys knew what content would work.

Forget about cost - Cost is irrelevant. Finding and working with a good digital partner is an investment. If you find the right one - you'll feel like you've struck oil. They'll win new business for you, open up new markets, streamline your business and the list (of benefits) goes on and on and on. If they cannot find a price and payment plan that works for you and your business then they shouldn't be in business.


The US election proves the power of digital and social marketing. We want our clients to win like Trump. We're experienced, tried and true, professional digital marketeers. We're flexible on pricing and we'll create a free plan and quote for you. You really have run out excuses not to contact Beacon13. We look forward to hearing from you.