So what's in a photo? The importance of digital Imagery for businesses.

So what do we mean by digital imagery?

Digital imagery, or in particular Digital Imagery about your business on line means any images that can be associated with your business or brand and are publicly visible by customers and potential customers. These might be images in Google, images on your Facebook page or social media or images in your email marketing.

Why is important to get it right?

It's critical to have the right images portraying your brand and business. Businesses put hours of effort into writing copy, mission statements, about us, product descriptions and more. But often they spent less time on creating or selecting images.

In 2016 images and photos are now more important than ever. Users spend most of there time scrolling down through their phone. A catchy headline is important, but much more important is the images and video thumbnails. Think about your own browsing habits, perhaps your scrolling down through your phone right now? So images are critical for catching the attention of your potential customers.

Also, from a brand point of view its important that images and photos portray the right message. Are they stock images? Are they photos you've taken yourself? Look at your images from your customers point of view. It's fine to have honest images taken yourself. But ensure they're taken well, and capture the product or part of person effectively. They should be good quality and think about lighting and the composition of the photo. Dark, blurry images will do you and your business no favours.

What can we do to improve?

Review your images on line. Search in Google for your business. Then click the images to see what images appear against your business and brand. If anything does not portray a good message about your business - get it removed.

Look at social media. How do the images and photos appear there? Are they good quality? Are they crisp, sharp? Good lighting? What are the images about? Would they catch your attention? Remove anything that looks bad.

Make a conscious decision to get better. We moving further and further from text based content to photos and imagery. Social media apps have made text a complimentary ingredient for photos and images. Mobile browsing lends itself to photos much more than text. With this in mind - we'd advise our clients or their marketing teams to either invest in a professional photographer for important campaigns, or at least purchase a good camera and spend some time learning about photography including lighting, photo composition, colour and photo editing software to add logos, branding or simply to improve their photos.


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