The 555 Challenge - 5k at 5am for 5days

The science behind the 555 challenge.

So why the hell would you get up at 5am, run 5 kilometres and do this for 5 days in a row? ... I thought you'd never ask!

Why 5am?

It's not rocket science. Getting up early allows you to get a head start on the world. You can have time to yourself to prepare for the day, get a head start on work, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast. All the things you normally "Don't have time for".

All the greatest achievers in the world are notorious early risers. Yep, think of the most inspiring famous person you know in the world and Google their morning ritual. Ali? Ghandi? Hitler? Jobs? Robbins? Winfry? Obama? Napolean? Branson? Gates? The Pope? The Queen? The Dali Lama?(The Dali Lama actually takes it to a whole new level.). Anyway, you get the picture. These figures got up really early. So - if you want to do something worthwhile with your life - change the dial on the alarm clock back a few hours.

Why 5k?

A 5k  run is the optimal distance to improve physical health from 0 - 10 really fast! If you just jump out of bed and start running a marathon or even a 10k run - how do you think you'd feel for next few days? Exactly. 5k on the other hand is a manageable distance. It gives you maximum benefits with little or no wear and tear on the body or joints. 5k is around 3 mile. So check out Google maps and find a road close to your house that's around 5k. Or do what I do - I found a road that's 2.5k and I run to the end and back.

Why 5 days?

Repetition forms habit. And habit my friends is the key to winning or losing. Your bad habits like smoking, going to bed late, eating junk food, drinking too much - these will kill you. Your good habits - exercise, eating well, sleeping well, sharing and caring for others - these will lead to a long, happy and prosperous life. To get long term health benefits from exercise, your aim should never be to  exercise for an upcoming wedding or holiday. When you really think about that - it's ridiculous.
Your aim should be to exercise every day for the rest of your life.

Ok, so why 5 days? Carrying out your 5k at 5am for 5 days will allow you to see what your missing. You'll see the benefits over a working week of more energy, more time and feeling great. 5 days is the minimum I'd suggest for you to see the full benefits of the challenge.


When you combine the elements above to form the 555 challenge - you now have the ultimate recipe for physical and mental change and enhancement. The above is just the start. Doing the challenge leads to better sleep, the desire to eat better, increased energy and the list goes on. (Better skin, better sex drive, loose weight, smarter, more decisive, I could go on and on).

The main benefit for me is time. Time is my most precious commodity. Money, houses, cars - those can be replaced. My time on this earth is finite. The 555 ritual gives me more time in every day, more energy to do more things in that day. And I'll have more time on earth because I'll be healthier and live longer.

If you read this far - thank you. I appreciate that. Your gift is this sentence - "Get busy living or get busy dying." . Those are the only choices you have in life.

Thank you and please let me know if you try the challenge and the benefits you experience.