Black and White - a conscious decision.

So, we've changed our business website a little. It's went from lots of imagery, icons and graphics to a really plain, black and white style. WTF??

There's a method to our madness. We wouldn't recommend this for our client's - this is a particular style we've consciously went for and here's our reasoning...

We want  Beacon13 to become a true digital marketing studio. In that respect - we want our office, cars, website, signage and branding to be clean, clinical and almost museum like. We want our client's to feel like when they come to our place of work they're starting with a blank canvas.

We're not out to create the next big orange Easyjet brand for ourselves. Or a regal purple Premier Inn brand. We may do something like this for our clients (depending on their audience) but for us - we want Beacon13 to be like maternity ward in a hospital. This is where you business comes to be born! lol

In saying all this, our new website is performing much better in Google - it works much better on mobile devices - it loads uber-fast! And it provides the perfect entry point to our sales process.

Don't worry though, our Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Campaigns and Videos will stil lhave plenty of noise and colour. And (if we deem it the right solution) our client't campaigns will be filled with colour, imagery and exciting content but for now, for Beacon13 - it's black and white AND IT WORKS!