Give your business a little boost in Q3

Getting Started with Facebook boosted posts.

Give your business a little boost in Q3.

We're now in the second part of the year. We hope you're reaching all of your business goals for 2016. Perhaps you feel you could do with a little boost?

We've been working with Facebook "boosted posts" lately with our client's and we've discovered something every business owner will love... IT'S MASSIVELY UNDER-PRICED!

Queue the "nay-sayers" - Facebook isn't for me, it cheapen's my brand. Bla bla bla. Whether or not Facebook is for you, or whether or not you feel it's the right choice for you business. 1 fact remains... YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE ON FACEBOOK.  And currently, there is no cheaper, more effective way to push your content directly to your customer base. You can add an instant Call to Action and monitor performance like no other marketing medium.

So how does it work? How much does it cost?

Firstly, you'll have to create a Facebook page for your business. Don't have one? - Get started here -  Already got one? Great - lets get started.

1. Once you've get a Facebook page, you simply have to post something. When you do this, you'll see the little "boost post" button.

2. Now you need to define an audience. Choose your geographical region and the demographics for your market. TIP: The more specific your audience - the better.

Facebook business northern ireland

3. Set your budget. You can see instantly, the size of your market on Facebook. And how much coverage you can get for your money. TIP: Don't scrimp. There's no medium from which you'll get better coverage than this. Magzines, Adwords, TV - Nothing compares to Facebook's ability to get your content in front of your customers. 

How much does it cost? - That's up to you, but our experience suggests if you're marketing to customers in Northern Ireland, A successful marketing campaign for 1 new product range or business start up should cost under £200.

And away you go. Your content, article, link, video or whatever you like will now appear in the native feed of your target market. It's genius! And for now, it's massively under-priced. We believe Facebook boosted posts will rise in cost in the coming months and years substantially so please use it while it's still a good deal.

We're Beacon13 - NI's small business digital specialists. 


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