New property website for Northern Ireland

Today we launched - a new property developer website. 

So what's so different about Fyth?


Fyth approached Beacon13 after seeing a client website that they liked. We were excited to find that Fyth wasn't a typical building developer - and that they wanted to take an innovative approach to showcasing their homes.

Traditionally building developers would allow estate agents and associated websites to showcase their work. This often led to high costs and a lack of control when it comes to selling. Fyth decided that their own website would act as the centre for sales of their properties.

Cool features

Beacon13 got to work on creating a new mobile friendly, fully tailored and customised property website - showcasing Fyth homes exactly as they and their clients like to see them. The website now hosts numerous new property developments in Northern Ireland. And we've created features like mortgage calculators, videos, google maps plugins, social media plugins and more. The result? A wonderful interactive space for customers to browse and explore new homes on-line or on a mobile device.

It was a pleasure working with the Fyth team and we look forward to growing their property portfolio on-line.

Check out for new developments in Northern Ireland.


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