The hidden secret in e-marketing

We've carried out 100's of email marketing campaigns. And today we'd like to let you into a little hidden secret that we've found. 


This secret is so valuable that if you implement this correctly - you'll not have to carry out any other sales or marketing activity for your business. It's that good!

Often businesses and entrepeanuers are competitve (and sometimes a bit selfish) and thus they wouldn't like to share a secret they've found that gives their business a competitive edge. At Beacon13 we don't think like that. We believe in win - win and everyone getting to the top of their game. So here goes...

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First, we'll assume that carrying out some sort of bulk email campaign on a monthly basis. (or perhaps more often). If you're not carrying out bulk email in the form of a newsletter or offers to your customers or client base, well, that's perhaps another Blog post. Check this article out quickly on the benefits of bulk email - 10 Reasons for Email Marketing.

The Secret.

If you have an effective bulk email tool such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, you'll be able to gather data on the response to your campaigns. This data (in it's most basic form) includes how many people opened your email and how many people clicked the link or links within.

The secret is very simple. Shortly after sending your email. (Perhaps 3 hours) - Call every single person that clicked through on your email. 

We'll discuss how to call them in a minute but let's divuldge the why...

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A sales and marketing strategy is pretty simple. Establish a number of leads with effective marketing and then qualify and close these leads with a sales pitch or offer. If you've carried out a good bulk email campaign and see a number of click-throughs, the people that clicked-through on your email have...

1. Became aware of you and your brand.
2. Built (if only small) a semi-consious level of trust with you and your brand because you've just sent them some useful news or information about their interests or industry.
3. They're at least somewhat interested in you or what you have to offer.

The Numbers

These things sound pretty simple, but lets look at the numbers.

If you've got an email list of 10,000 customers or potential customers, to call all these customers and introduce your brand and qualify their interest could take a 2 person sales team around a month. That's about £3000 - £4000 + a heck of phone bill. All to find what you've just discovered with 1 email at the cost of about £10. (depending on your provider.)

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The secret is that most businesses have this information at there fingertips and don't do anything with it. We've been calling our clickthroughs and advising our clients to do the same. The average conversion rate of calls to sales is a massive 10%!!! A conversion rate onheard of in any other marketing format.

Going back to our example, if you have 10,000 subscribers - 100 click-throughs, thats 10 sales! Guarenteed if you call all the clickers! Let's say you're in the service industry and your service package costs £1000. That's £10,000 in sales from 1 email and 100 calls. Need more? Simply multiply the numbers. More subscribers? More Click-Throughs? More Sales!!

Best Practise

To effectively carry out the secret you should...

1. Create an inviting, honest email with a click through link to your website or a blog.
2. After 3 hours, go to your bulk email client and check the click-thoughs. Print this list.
3. Either yourself or your sales team must call every single one of these people. (Sourcing a phone number when needs be.)
4. You should have prepared a short sales pitch prior to calling with ultimate goal of having the customer buy your product or service there and then.

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Often, the reason businesses are using email marketing in the first place is  that don't like calling potential customers or the thought of cold calling. Illimate that thought right now! You've just qualified the customers interest with your email. They're waiting on your call! And secondly, if you're not willing to call potential customers and talk about your product or service, perhaps business isn't for you and you should find a nice easy desk job somewhere. lol.

Final Thoughts

This is a tried and tested process. We still get suprised by our clients when they carry this out and tell us about how effective it was. We'd like to reach out across the time and space that divides us and wish you all the best in carrying out this secret. We hope you find it as effective as our clients. And remember; "Audentes Fortuna Iuvat".

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